Teeth Grinding – Things You Need To Know

There is no doubt about the fact that Americans are often found under a tremendous amount of stress. This stress is mainly due to work, crime, financial burdens and a lot of other things.

While it may be a good thing sometimes to get stressful when it comes to get things done, the stress usually takes its toll from the body. More specifically, the stress can be quite harmful for your teeth because most of the people start grinding them when they are under mental stress. This habit of grinding teeth is mostly referred to as bruxism.

While you may be able to notice your habit of grinding teeth during the day, it would be pretty hard to know about it in the night.

How to know if you grind your teeth

A few things that you need to take into consideration in order to know if you grind your teeth are worth mentioning here.

  • Having a sore jaw while waking up.
  • Your partner telling you about this habit
  • Low grade headache
  • Pain or sound of popping in your jaws
  • Excessive tooth wear noticed by you or your dentist

Why you need to stop grinding your teeth?

There is every good reason you need to stop grinding your teeth. For many people, the jaw pain can be one of the biggest discomforts they may have; and there is a bigger link between grinding of teeth and the jaw pain. It typically happens due to bite misalignment which tends to occur when you grind your teeth. As a result, the joints which connect lower jaw with upper skull start malfunctioning. Another reason you may need to stop grinding your teeth is the wearing out of tooth enamel. When you grind your teeth, you essentially give the chewing surfaces of your teeth a lot of friction. This is what you need to avoid in any case.

Stopping grinding your teeth

In order to stop grinding your teeth, you will have to control the habit while you are awake. Now, you may wonder what to do when you do it while sleeping. You can use night guard in order to keep the chewing surfaces of upper and lower jaws from getting in contact with each other. If you think that you are not going to be able to control this habit while being awake, you can wear the mouth guard during the day time.

Stress reduction

The ultimate solution to your problem of teeth grinding remains with the stress reduction. After you know that the main reason behind your habit of grinding teeth is stress, you have to make sure that you are doing everything to control the stress levels. There are some relaxation exercises which you can do before going to bed. Moreover, you can get psychiatric help in order to get rid of stress.


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